Rhapsody Restored...  

"God's Strategy for Rap"

By Evangelist Missionary Cheryl Green


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            (Los Angeles, CA) - One book; many authors. More Heart than Talent: Writing from the Heart is a collaborative book that was written by 44 authors, each contributing one chapter, from all over the United States. Thirty-three first-time authors participated in the 12-week process, and Jim Rohn and Mark Victor Hansen - two well-known authors within the self-help and personal development genres were also involved. Erica Combs, More Heart than Talent Publishing, Inc., Stockton, California, spearheaded the collaboration.

"I feel that everyone has a message that could greatly impact others, but many lack the proper tools and resources to deliver it," says Combs. With the More Heart than Talent book collaboration, Combs created an opportunity for a select group of first-time authors to gain experience with professional editing and achieve the credibility of being published alongside 11 established authors. Having 44 contributing writers also meant minimal costs endured by the individual authors, an aspect of the industry that, according to Combs, often plays a major role in why so many great "messages" go unpublished. 

Contributing author Cheryl Green, (C. Money The Discipler), says, "I will bless the Lord at all times and His praises shall continually be in my rhymes," according to Psalm 34:1. 

Her debut book entitled Rhapsody Restored...God's Strategy For Rap" is devoted to exhorting Prominent Rappers to be a vocal instrument for Christ and to communicate God's message, in the unique language of Rap music.  The Gospel Rhapsodist proclaims that this infusion is "THE ANSWER" to Restoring the God-Ordained gift of rap music which is designed to convince people that serving God is the right thing to do and lead people to a higher place of existence.  

When the collaboration began, Combs had a vision of not only assisting the first-time authors through the publishing process, but offering a platform for them to interact with and learn from the experts in their field. More Heart than Talent: Writing from the Heart has brought that vision to fruition.

A downloadable version, or e-Book, of More Heart than Talent: Writing from the Heart is available from www.mhtpublishing.com. For more information, call Cheryl Green at (323) 353-2556 or send email to Cheryl@CherylGreenOnline.com.




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